Our school is available for all forms of tai chi training, be it individually with one on one tuition, general open group tai chi training sessions, introductory courses, specialist tai chi training, tai chi courses or closed group training. We are flexible with training schedules, so that you can enjoy your time in Yangshuo, and still fit in a full days tai chi training. Students are welcome to stay at the school (see accommodation for more information)

Tai Chi Training can be for just one hour or you can commit and stay up to a year. Long term students receive personalized training schedules focusing on aspects which they wish to study, or can join general training and are welcome to use the facilities and train at any time they wish outside of training hours. Those planning on training for over 1 month can also receive discounts on tuition fees depending on the duration of there stay.

For those new to Tai Chi, we now offer  Introductory courses, which explain a little about the culture and history of tai chi, as well as demonstrates the different forms and gives the chance to participate and undergo some basic tai chi training to get the feel of how the movements feel. They also include joining us for lunch/dinner at the school to have a chance to talk to some of our long term students. For more information have a look at our Tai Chi Courses page here . 

Click below to view our prices, the prices shown are only available through this website with direct bookings, if you book at your hotel or hostel you will be charged more!

General Training

General Tai chi Training Sessions offer the chance to join long term students in there daily training. Booking in advance is recommended so confirm there is space and that there is a group training at a suitable level for you. Morning session run from 9:30 – 11:30 and afternoon sessions are at 3:00 – 5:00

One on One Tuition

One on One tuition can be perfect for those looking to refine there Tai Chi with a true master. You will receive excellent support and advice in improving your form and technique and can opt for specialist area’s to focus your time on improving and mastering certain forms not covered in general training

Closed Group Courses

Closed group sessions can be perfect for visiting schools from overseas or for groups travelling together, The course can be set to the correct experience level and can focus on areas chosen by the group. In general we prefer small groups so that everyone can receive personal tuition within the group

If you would like to discuss training at the school please feel free to get in contact and we can help you decide which form of training would be most suitable for you and offer advice for those wishing to undergo specialty Tai Chi training.