Over the years, we have taught students of all ages and from all walks of life and using the experience and the great feedback we have received we have composed a selection of tai chi courses for those taking their first steps into the culture of Tai chi as well and longer packages for those who are looking to improve their current knowledge of tai chi under true tai chi masters.

Our tai chi courses are flexible and offer personalized tuition based on yourself, taking in to account your personal level of fitness and adaptability to the form as well as your dedication to learning. They also offer the option of exploring niche areas of the forms including weapons training as well as meditation and qi-gong

All our tai chi courses are all inclusive and include accommodation and food at the school, as well as full access to all the school facilities and guidance through out.  Our en-suite private room prices are based on the room rather than the amount of people so couples are welcome to share a single room. Please note the standard private rooms only offer a single bed.

Prices shown are only available through this website with direct bookings, If you book at your hotel or hostel you will be charged more!


2 Hour – Quick Tai chi Course Introduction
200Y pp (250Y pp inc lunch or dinner)

Our quick tai chi introductory course is perfect for those visiting the area and wishing to get a better understanding of what Tai Chi is and what it could offer you. This 2 hour tai chi course gives a nice overview of Tai Chi including some basic form practice and ideas of theory and Tai Chi culture. The course is run daily in the morning and is followed by a group lunch with masters and other students at the school. This means it can make a great start to the day for those wishing to continue on into the Yu-long scenic area on a superb bike ride.

2 Day- Introductory Tai chi Course
1200Y pp (Meals & 1 night Accommodation included) 

The 2 days tai chi introductory course is perfectly suited for those looking to get more in depth feel for Tai chi and offers 8 Hours of tuition spread over two full days. The course includes basic form practice as well as an introduction to meditation and Qi-Gong. Staying at the school over night offers a great time with our masters and other students drinking tea and learning more about the culture that has developed around tai chi in a relaxing environment.

1 Week – Introduction to Basic Form / Qi Gong / Meditation
3200Y pp (Meals & Accommodation included) 

For those with time and determination to get an all round feel for tai chi, this course offers 24 hours worth of tuition sprread over a full week, with training based over six days giving you time to spend a day to take advantage to explore the beautiful surroundings of Yangshuo . This tai chi course will work through the basic chen 18 form, and it also allows time for a good introduction to meditation and Qi-gong and the opportunity to stay at the school for a full week allows you to truly immerse yourself for a short time in the culture of tai chi as well to have more time to discuss the theory with the other students and get into more in depth discussions with the masters on all aspects of tai chi and life.

Tourism and Online courses

*1*Haikou City, Hainan Province is a holiday resort for Chinese winter tourism Taijiquan training. It enjoys high service and warm climate.3 days training including Chen’s Taichi, Taichi standing meditation, correction,2 nights accommodation,3 meals per day. 3,600 RMB  Including training in Tai Chi, meditation and meals, accommodation(Sea view room four star Hotel Haikou Hainan Province China).

*2*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l 4 days of training including Chen’s Taichi, Taichi standing meditation, correction of Yang style traditional Taichi (Total of 16 hours).3 nights accommodation,3 meals per day. 2,400 RMB Including 4 days Taichi, Qigong training,3 days accommodation and 4 days meals.

*3*Yangshuo taichi school:5 days training including Chen’s Taichi, standing meditation, correction of Yang style traditional Taichi.4 nights.2,800 RMB Including 5 days Taichi,Qigong training,Meditation 4 days accommodation and 5 days meals,3 meals per day.

*4*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l Online course to learn Taichi 18 form and Tai Chi meditation.20 hours of training for 800 RMB.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters(Kim’s Taijiquan Qigong book).

*5*Yangshuo taichi school:Online class Qi Gong and meditation 10 hours of small group training.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters(Kim’s Taijiquan Qigong book) 360 RMB The total cost of 10 online courses of Taiji Qigong and meditation.

*6*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l Online course to learn Yang Stlye aichi 24 form and Tai Chi meditation.20 hours of training for 800 RMB.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters.

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

It is possible to start your training at any time, but please be aware we only have limited accommodation at the school so it’s best to let us know in advance. For all bookings we ask a 20% tuition fee deposit to be paid in advance to secure your room and space at the school. The deposit is payable by bank transfer and we accept any currency.

If you would like to inquire about training or have any questions please feel free to get in contact。