Our Tai chi school is based in the beautiful little village of Jima which lies on the main route out to the Yulong Scenic area which is one of the most popular bike routes in Yangshuo. This is great for those looking to try an introductory course as it means you can enjoy your training and then continue on your way to a day great cycling.

Yangshuo Tai Chi School map

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Getting to Jima from Yangshuo

The route to the Tai chi school from Yangshuo is surprisingly simple. For those travelling from around the west street area just head on to Pantou Road and make your way out of the town towards Guilin. As you come to the edge of the center town you will see the petrol station up ahead, Turn Left before the petrol station and continue down the road, You will quickly come to a cross roads with a set of traffic lights. Once the lights are green, head straight across and your on the road out of Yangshuo and towards Jima. Just before you reach Jima you will pass under a large arch/gateway. once through this Jima is the next village you will come to. The school is near the end of the village, just keep going on the main road through the village and as you come to the end you will see signs on your Left and a large poster on the right. Turn left up the alley and you will see the schools main building straight away.

If you are cycling from west street it will take you around 30 minutes to reach the school. Alternately we can arrange a taxi to collect you from your hotel or hostel and bring you directly to the school for around 30Y. If you wish to arrange a taxi pickup please just send us an message through our contact page or call directly on 15295920102

Getting a taxi to our Tai chi School from Guilin Airport

If your planning on coming directly to the school from your arrival at Guilin airport (95km) we can arrange to have a taxi pick you up and bring you directly to the school. There are two options for your pickup:

1 –  Highway route (1h20min) by either a taxi (1-4p, 320Y) or mini-van (4-10p, 440Y) A much more scenic and relaxed journey, faster and comfortable.

2 –  Main road (1h40min) by taxi (1-4p, 320Y) or mini-van (4-10p, 410Y) cheaper option by bumpy and generally high traffic road.

Getting a Shuttle Bus to Yangshuo from Guilin Airport

Since 2014 there is a direct Shuttle bus from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo bus station that leaves every 30 min or every hour morning till late afternoon (1p, 50Y), and from Yangshuo bus station you can take a taxi or mototaxi to our school in Jima village (1-4p, 20/40Y).

Getting a taxi to our Tai chi School from Guilin Bus/Train Station

If you arrive by train or bus to Guilin we can also arrange for a taxi to collect you directly from the station for 320Y(1-4p).

Getting a Bus to Yangshuo from Guilin Bus/Train Station

From Guilin Bus/Train Station you can get local Bus to Yangshuo bus station every 10/20min morning till evening (1p, 20/30Y) and from Yangshuo bus station you can take a taxi or mototaxi to our school in Jima village (1-4p, 20/40Y).

To arrange your pick-up please contact us through our contact page , and let us know your preferred route (highway or main road), full Flight/Train number and the estimated arrival time.