China Visa’s

Getting visa information for china  has become easier over the last few years.

But successful application does vary according to country of your residence, and events in China itself.

Now our school can provide an invitation letter that can make easier to get a Tourist Visa(L) or in some countries  even a Short Term Study visa (X2) for a maximum of 180 days.

Most people coming to study arrive on standard Tourist Visa (L) which they have obtained through there country of residence before leaving to travel to china. These Visa’s vary hugely in there duration of stay and entry allowances. The maximum legal duration of a tourist visa is 180 days depends on country of residence. Though you can extend these Visa Just once (The extension is 30 days, these visa can be obtained from Guilin. For more information see below).

Another common Visa is a Business Visa (F) which will allow a maximum stay of up to 6 months. These visa’s in general can not be extended with out the paper work off an official invitation from a business in China. With the correct paperwork these visa’s can also be extended within china, though it is a much more complicated process.

The maximum stay within China is 1 Year despite the length still remaining on your current visa. After this period you will have to exit and re-enter the country, Usually by crossing to Hong-Kong (More information below) and then returning across the border. Most Business (F) Visa’s will have a multiple entry limit, so you can return on the same visa you left the country on. Tourist visa tend to have a fixed limit (Usually 1 or 2) Remember that when you first enter china this will be considered your first entry.

Tourist Visa’s (L)

Tourist visa can be obtained in your country of residence before leaving or at an embassy in your current country, These Visa’s can also often be arranged through third party travel agencies at an additional fee. For more information regarding special considerations or general information visit your country’s embassy’s website. When applying for your visa try consider your plans for after your stay or if you think you may return. Obtaining a multiple entry visa can be a little more expensive but if you plan on traveling and returning to china it can save time of having to re-apply for a fresh visa.

Visa Extensions

Visa extensions for tourist visa’s ca be obtained at the local city of Guilin (1:30Hr away) In order to apply for an extension you must first make sure you are registered with the local PSB office (Near Moon hill) We can help you with information regarding this on your arrival at  the tai chi school. Once registered you must visit the local PSB office in Yangshuo town. Here you need to fill in a basic application form which will then be checked and stamped. When applying make sure you take your Passport, 2 x photocopy’s of your  Current visa/ Entry Stamp & Identification page (Page with picture and all basic information) These can be obtained from a small Lottery shop directly opposite the PSB station that has a photocopy machine. You will also be required to have 2 x Registered Passport pictures taken against a blue background. These can be obtained from the photo shop on Diecui Road next to Yangshuo park.

Once you have your Paperwork stamped by the local PSB you will need to take the paperwork to the Guilin Visa Department.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China
Guilin visa office(visa extension)

NO.16, Shijiayuan RD, Guilin, China.

Once at the Office you will have a brief interview and your information will be checked. If your Application is accepted you will be given a receipt (Keep this safe!) and given a day to come and collect your Passport with new visa. The Process usually takes 7 days. At last check the fee for a 30 day visa extension was 160Y

Business Visa (F)

Business visa’s offer longer duration’s (Up to 6 Months) and multiple entry’s and are usually only available to those with an official invitation from a registered business within china. There are however agencies which will assist you with this process for a small fee. Hong Kong offers many agencies that can handle this process and can even process Visa applications within a 1 day period. Be aware that when going through an an gency such as this you are not provided with official paperwork should you wish to extend within china itself. This has led to a common process of many foreigners simply visiting Hong Kong once every six months to renew there visa’s and reset there 1 year entry cycle.

Getting to Hong Kong from Yangshuo is a simple process of one night bus which drops you at the border crossing in Shenzhen or fast train to Shenzhen. As you arrive early it’s possible to cross the border extend you visa and be back on a bus the same day.

Keep in mind always to double check those informations with the Chinese Ambassy from your country of residence, because Chinese immigrations rules changing all the time from country to country and even from city to city.

If you are thinking to stay longer in China to train tai chi even if you are not sure yet, we strongly suggest you to get an invitation letter for an extended period of time. Getting a student or tourist visa from your home country up to 180 days shouldn’t be an issue in most of the western countries with an invitation letter sent from the school, doing so you have the time in your visa to stay longer in case you would like to extend your stay with us. Maybe you try it and you like it so you can stay more in our school in China without spending extra money for an extra visa or extention.

For more information regarding Visa’s please get in contact or visit the internet site