Tai Chi in Yangshuo

I was in my early 60’s when the opportunity to learn Tai Chi came my way. I really had no idea what learning it would entail or the amazing benefits. I considered myself to be reasonably fit, but I soon found out there was another type of fitness.

Tai Chi involves quite slow movements. “How hard can that be,” I thought! For me, it was a challenge, but with a wonderful kind patient teacher, I gradually got the hang of it. But it was always a challenge for me to remember all the moves by myself.

My Master was Whu Heng Dong, (Kim) and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to be his student and now he’s a very good friend.


One on-going comment was always about how good this was for my health. This became quite apparent to me as I continued to have classes many times a week. My flexibility and balance improved a lot. For mature age people, this is very important.

At that time Kim did not have his own school, but it was always his dream. He usually held lessons in Yangshuo Park which was always very pleasant, but no good during rainy times. He now has his own school in Yangshuo countryside so no more weather problems. His school is built in old traditional ways which is very fitting with an ancient art like Tai Chi.

Yangshuo provides a wonderful, memorable environment to learn Tai Chi in. If that interests you, contact Kim and make plans. You will not be disappointed. Kim has fluent English and teaches in English.