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Tai Chi Theory

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Tai Chi Theory


Tai Chi movements are slow soft and graceful with smooth and even transitions between them, The meditative nature of the exercises is calming and relaxing.

Tai Chi Chuan or (taiji quan) exercise helps blood to move around inside the body. This is very important blood takes food to all parts of our bodies ,the brains in our heads also need blood. If we keep our bodies healthy and do exercises, we can think better.


When practising Tai Chi, the practitioners consciousness, breathing and actions are all closely connected. The transfer and focus of the practitioners energy corresponds to the network of maridians joining the acupuncture points used in traditional Chinese medicine. Tai Chi exercises stimulate blood circulation and the inner organs, as well as improving strength and muscle control.

Tai Chi exercises help to improve health, co-ordination and posture and will promote general fitness and weight loss. Tai Chi stimulates the body and calms the mind, resulting in a balanced outlook and an overall improved sense of well being.


Push-hands is a practice method of traditional Tai Chi martial arts. Two students with their arms in contact practice twining and sticking actions to develop the sense of touch, awareness and balance within the body.

This is the training method where Tai Chi movements connect with martial arts applications, and develops the understanding of how small forces can defeat strong physical power.

Instructor's Meeting

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For all those wishing to look at the possibilities and undertakings of what it’s like to be a Tai Chi instructor, we will be having a get together and BBQ with the instructors to give give you a chance to join us in a informal chat

New Training Grounds

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In order to provide a great area with more space we have been building a new training ground with a large cover, so perfect for the sunny days of summer or to train when the rains freshen the area in spring time.

The grounds are now laid, the roof is on, and the new private accommodation block is almost complete! The new block also provides a great roof top with a new kitchen area and terrace to relax with some tea and watch other training below you

Yangshuo Park

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Yangshuo Park is an interesting place to visit. Early morning you can witness the real morning Chinese life, such as locals (and often foreigners) practicing tai chi or kung fu, doing their Qi gong warming up exercises, walking, jogging or running, some singing or dancing and even students studying and practicing their English aloud. In the park, there is a nice trail leading to the pagoda on the summit of the mountain where you can have a bird’s eye view of the town.

From the front of the park just wander in till you reach the childrens play area (to your left) You will see a path leading off past the childrens area, head down this path. After the monument you will pass along the way you will come to a small junction with the main path turning to the right and a smaller dirt path leading to the left and to the bottom of the karst mountain. You can stop about halfway up at a beautiful outlook spot, which reaches out from the mountain into the park, some of the views here in the early evening can be stunning! If you continue up you will reach a small pagoda at the peak which gives you a great view over the main road leading into Yangshuo and gives you a great feel of how the town has been slowly built up around the karsts.

Yangshuo park is situated near the bus station with the main entrance opposite the bus station near the roundabout.