For those who are already experienced in Tai chi or who have taken an introductory course and wish to extend there training, We offer general training courses that will pick up on your previous experience and skill level and help you further develop your form and knowledge.

All our Tai chi courses are all inclusive and include Accommodation and food at the school, as well as full access to all the school facilities and guidance through out.

All courses of one month or over are based on five days tuition a week (Monday-Friday) Additional lessons are available at the weekends for all students but are charged for separately (Based on Hourly rate)

Prices shown are only available through this website with direct bookings, If you book at your hotel or hostel you will be charged more!


4 Weeks – Form / Qi Gong / Meditation / Weapon
10,200 Y pp

Spending a full month at the school can become a life altering experience which may set you on you on the path of Tai chi for the rest of your life. Tai chi like Chinese medicine has a cumulative effect slowly building as you body and mind achieve more balance, and after staying a full month at the school the effects of your training will clearly be visible in terms of your level of skill in the form and your inner sense of peace and balance. Our one month Tai chi course offer 80 hours of tuition , lesson from Moday to Friday, with 8 days free time giving you the opportunity to relax and travel in and around the area. The course will fully cover the Chen 18 and Yang 24 form as well looking at the full 74 form as well as giving you the option to put time aside to develop your skills in Qi-gong or meditation. Training for a full month will also give you the option of looking into the various weapon forms which splinter of from the basic form.

12 Weeks – Form / Qi Gong / Meditation / Weapon / Competition
28,800Y pp

Learning for a full 3 months at the school will set you fully on your life long journey into Tai chi, being able to devote yourself to your training for such a period will give you all the knowledge you need to continue your own personal training outside of the school with confidence knowing that your core knowledge of the form is good enough to improve naturally and able to look at other forms with a solid understanding of its origins, the course offers a 240 hours of tuition and includes 24 days of rest and holiday, meaning you can not only train but have the chance to go and explore areas around china giving you the chance to learn more about the culture that developed Tai chi into its current form. By the end of your course you will have a full and rounded understanding of the full 18/24 and 74 chen form, as well as having time to have developed your meditation or Qi-gong skills and develop into a weapons form if you should chose. For those training for such a period we also try and encourage entry in one of the many Tai chi competitions to explore the various styles and forms presented there and to help push your form as well as build confidence.

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

It is possible to start your training at any time, but please be aware we only have limited accommodation at the school so it’s best to let us know in advance. For all bookings we ask a 20% tuition fee deposit to be paid in advance to secure your room and space at the school. The deposit is payable by bank transfer and we accept any currency. 

If you would like to inquire about training or have any questions please feel free to get in contact.