Tai Chi Masters Wu Heng Dong & Wu Yuping




Wu Heng Dong/Chen Dezhen (Master Kim) is one of Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School’s co-founders and headmasters.

He was born in Fang Chen Gang, Guangxi province in 1979 and began a lifelong love and study of martial arts at the age of 11 initially under the tutelage of his father, also a keen martial artist.   After learning the basic skills of Wushu (Chinese martial arts) from his father, he went on to study Chen-style Tai Chi under Master Wang Hai Jun, obtaining a level 6 duanwei.  He graduated from Guangxi National College of Health and Physical Education, receiving a Wushu and Tai Chi Coach Certification of China, Grade 1, First Degree.  He has participated in many domestic and international Taijiquan competitions from an early age, specializing in fist forms and sword forms, and has won numerous gold medals.

In 2018 Wu Heng Dong was honoured to be made a 12th Generation Disciple of Chen Zhenglei, one of the four “Buddha’s Warrior Attendants (Si Jingang)” – the four outstanding exponents of the Chen family in Chenjiagou – who in December 1995 was recognized as one of Top Ten Martial Arts Masters of Present Day living in China.  He was given the name Chen Dezhen in recognition of this accomplishment.

Master Kim specializes in teaching: Chen Style Taijiquan; Taiji theory; Tai Chi internal strength; pushing hands (grappling); weapons; self-defense; Kungfu; & Sanda (Chinese traditional boxing).  He has been teaching foreign students since 2000 and has taught people from numerous countries ranging in age from 4 to 88.  He hopes that his students will return home to spread the teaching of Tai Chi to their own countries.

刚柔相济    阴阳平衡


吴恒栋 艺名: 陈德昊, 1979年7月生,广西防城港市人,毕业于广西民族大学体育与健康学院。阳朔传统太极拳馆创办人兼总教练, 陈氏太极拳第十二代传人, 陈正雷大师关门弟子。中国武术六段,国家一级社会体育指导员、一级拳师。








Wu YuPing ( Master Ping )from Guangdong province Jieyang city, China. He is a level 6 Master with over 20 years experience in both Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Joint head and Co-founder of Yangshuo Traditional taichi School.

When I was young I loved martial arts ,I started at 9 years old. I have been practicing primarily Taichi for 20 years; I leaned the whole of chen style – forms, push hands, weapons and theory – from Master Lin JianXing. Later I learned from Masters Wang FuJing, Wang LaiQin, Wu MingQiang and Xu Yakui in order to deepen my understanding of taichi.”

In 2016 , He is honored to be a disciple of Master Xu Yakui.

It takes a long time in order to achieve an understanding of the essence of taichi. In order to further improve, Wu Yu Ping often travels in order to study and share with different masters and taichi practitioners. He has entered many competitions and has won 18 gold medals. He is also proud to have received a certificate of excellence in coaching, from Guangdong sports center; due to his students’ success in competition. He is often invited for doing taichi and qigong workshop in China and abroad.

吴宇平 广东省揭阳市人,中国武术6段,阳朔传统太极拳馆创办人兼总教练. 主要教授太极拳理论、气功、套路、器械及太极推手技法。